We are one of the North West’s leading Airsoft site operators, our goal is simple………. To give you the player/customer the best experiance we can possibly give you! We pride ourselves on always going that little bit extra for you!

With our 2 sites that are always evolving to give different game play every time you visit your spoilet for choice, So if you fancy getting out in the elements then our woodland site called THASOS (its greek for forest) is the perfect site for you, with a full village to storm and defend aswell as a trench system with bunkers, and a large bridge across the ponds leading to a fort. And lets not forget the multitudes of other bunkers and fox holes throughout the site. We also have a large dry and sheltered safezone complete with electric and cooking facilities aswell as working toilets,.

But if thats not your cup of tea then why not try our in door site in the heart of Stockport called OLYMPUS CQB. With 8 massive levels made up of corridors, offices, purpose built kill houses, bio labs and medical research centers, along with warehouse levels and a massive purpose bullt street scene level. We also have a full sound system being installed throughout the site to give you that extra inspiration when storming a room or level!

We also offer a newbie training service were we teach you the basics of airsoft before you start playing the game for real so you can avoid any newbie mistakes and get the drop on the more experianced players.

And when your in need of a rest and chill out then you can go down to safe zone complete with sofas, music, electricity, tables, benches, and our ever popular Trojan cafe area were theres FREE tea and coffee on tap all day.

So if you want to be treated like a king then come and see us at Trojan Airsoft were the kettles always on……………

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 Trojan Airsoft Club operates in accordance with UKSAGB, UKARA, HSE and are FULLY INSURED

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