Corprate Days

Corporate package

Welcome to our Military themed events offering you and your company the opportunity to experience military battle situations without the dangers of real conflicts.

We are a team of ex military personnel with extensive experience, and we will throw you into situations which will require you to work as a team, and communicate in order to achieve your objectives.

You may find yourself in a full on battle, planning and executing a hostage rescue or leading your team into enemy territory.  We also offer military style command tasks and problem solving designed to get the mind working and encourage team work which is a vital asset in every work place.  We are a very flexible organisation and can always tailor make the events to suit you and your needs.

We use a varied range of airsoft weaponry and pyrotechnics for that extra feel of realism.

We provide the clothing, equipment, eye protection, and weapons, however we strongly recommend that you bring sturdy footwear due to uneven ground and burrows.

You will be given 3000 rounds of ammunition, 2 x smoke screening grenades and 2 x fragmentation grenades.

Airsoft weapons fire a small 6mm plastic projectile which is enough to make you feel the hit but not hurt or leave a mark.

Here is a break down on the days event:

Arrive 0830 hrs

Sign disclaimers, book in, kit issue, weapon issue, ammo & pyrotechnics issue

Breakfast and safety brief 0900 – 1000 hrs

Catering to customers requirements, safety brief is mandatory and MUST be adhered to at all times.

Battle missions 1000 – 1100 hrs

Close quarter battles, very fast assaults to get the adrenaline running.  Examples of these games are:  Attack and Defend, Escape & Evasion, Downed pilot / hostage rescue, close protection of a VIP, and many more.

Command tasks and problem solving 1100 – 1200  hrs

These are a great way of building team work, confidence and respect for each other, there are many scenarios at our disposal and some will leave you thinking “ that’s impossible!” or “how the heck does that work?”.  So whether its to retrieve a bomb, navigate through a minefield or build a raft out of limited materials, you will have plenty to think about.

Lunch 1200- 1300hrs

Catering to customers requirements

Military simulation 1300 – 1500hrs

Usually these games have strict rules such as limited ammo, casualty evacuations, radio procedures, basically everything you would experience during real time conflict.  This sort of event is usually undertaken by ex military and extreme airsoft enthusiasts.  Don’t worry though as we have tailor made this to suit all.  We run unlimited ammo, and simple touch medic rules, all you have to do is follow the missions and rules set out in the scenario.

Command tasks and problem solving 1500 – 1600 hrs

As described above

Something special

This will usually consist of something funny or silly just to finish the day, we are not going to give anything away on this one, you will just have to find out on the day.

Optional extra

Should you wish to end the day with an evening meal, there maybe an opportunity to indulge in a BBQ, pizza or buffet etc (subject to availability).  This will give everyone a chance to reflect on the days events and dish out that all important brag about how well they did, who shot who, etc.

Note that the optional extra will be a separate charge as this would be an external catering service providing this. 

Packages and Prices

We offer very competitive packages and prices, no hidden charges and all inclusive.

£55 per person if booked for 10 – 20 people

£50 per person if booked for 20 – 30 people

£45 per person if booked for 30 +     people

The breakdown:

Exclusive use of our site

Full insurance cover

Clothing issue

Webbing issue

Eye protection

Fully automatic assault rifle

Magazine (holds 300 BB’s)

3000 rounds of BB’s

1x smoke screening grenades

1x fragmentation grenades

Breakfast (bacon, sausage, egg, hash brown sandwiches)*

Lunch (pasta dish, curry, stew) *

Tea, coffee and cordial served throughout the day

Energy drinks, cans and chocolate (limited amount)

* Please note that food is the basic we will provide, if you have special dietary requirements, we can cater for this if disclosed in advance.  TIMINGS FOR THE DAY ARE FOR GUIDANCE, SUBJECT TO CHANGE ON CUSTOMERS REQUIREMENTS.